WashOff Labels

WashOff is a Pressure Sensitive Label which can be removed from bottles in industrial bottle washing machines, utilizing the existing infrastructure and washing process.

WashOff offers No-Label Look decoration for returnables bottles and is a patented technology of CCL Label.


· WashOff offers No-Label Look decoration for returnable bottles
· Adhesive and inks stay on label, don't pollute bath → less water, chemical and energy consumption
· Less carry-over of labels
· No caustic for label removal required
· Labels shrink which minimizes waste volume


· Labelfilm starts to shrink at 65° Celsius and reaches strongest shrink-forces at 85°.
· Label remove from bottle within 30 - 60 seconds
· Removed labels drop to the bottom of the washing machine and are extracted like paper labels out of the tank
· Print process is rotogravure reverseprinting which is cost-effective and offers all design options.
· Inks are embedded between adhesive layer and film and can't pollute the washing bath
· Adhesive stays on the label film and does not pollute the washing bath