Shrink Sleeves

Shrink sleeves are printed foil labels. The fixation occurs through a following thermal Treatment which brings the foil to shrink and tangles it unmoveable to the container. This is why a shrink sleeve package can also be used as a sealing. They are suited for a single product or for multipacks.


· Different materials (e.g. plastic, glass, metall...) are possible to decorate, either full or empty containers
· Many design options including clear windows to check the contents visually
· 360° decoration
· Tamper evidence function
· Multipack Function
· Full protection of print by reverseprinting
· Protection of surface of decorated goods
· Brilliant printing results with gravureprinting/litho/gravure combination Resistant against humidity
· Use of perforation for easy-open
· Special effects, matt and glossy varnish, highloss silver and gold
· Promotional possibilities, integrated scratch field, collectible sticker

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