Pressure Sensitive Labels (PSL)

A pressure sensitive label is a material which has an adhesive glue on the backing. When pressure is applied it will adhere to most surfaces.
· Besides a premium look, PS Labels guarantee a perfect performance of the decoration. No wrinkles, bubbles or damaged labels troughout the supply chain. Ps Labels are resistant to humidity, even in ice water.
· No-Label Look Decoration available which is not possible with paper wet glue labels.
· Transparent PS Labels provide a luxury appeal and underline the "purity" of the content.
· A Comprehensive range of standard, performance and special effects labels for a wide range of applications


No change parts
PSL requires no change parts and machine modifications for different label sizes or label shapes. - > wet glue needs setting up the glue supply, clean parts which are in contact with glue and a complete wash up every shift. Cleaning and Set-Up are main reason for difference in efficiency

Efficiencies have improved from 88-92 % to 97 - 99 % by changing from wet glue to PSL!

PSL Technology is the "cleaner" process, also from a micro-biological standpoint. The consumer will not find traces of glue on the bottle

Pre-Decoration of bottles before filling is possible. PS Labels can be resistant to rinsing and pasteurization. - Decoration at glass plant is possible

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