Promotional Labels

Promotional labels are self-adhesive labels with additional features.
The extra piece of "added value" for your packaging. We help to improve your point-of-sale communication!
CCL Label offer a wide range of promotional labels, special effects & inks and functional features:
different speciality inks and varnishes (iridescent, thermochromic, UV, tactile etc.), holographic effect, printed
metallics, 2-ply labels, stripe labels, dual printed labels, wraparound labels, window labels, spinformation,wine-card, neckhanger, scratch pad, stickers, booklets, tattoos, magazines, tamper-evident, inkjet-code etc.

2ply Label

· 2ply labels offer a cost-effective and space-saving way to add value to product with promotional coupons, recipe ideas, instructions for use, or terms and conditions.
· The 2ply Label has 3 printed surfaces for additional information: The top ply, the back of the top ply and the base.
· There is a non-adhesive tab that facilitates opening, revealing the additional information on the two inside panels.


A window panel on the top layer spins to reveal printed material on the bottom label or container. There are numerous uses such as recipes, drug facts, nutrition, information, games, cross promotion, and much more.

· Eliminates the need for added packaging components, such as cartons and inserts.
· Provides 75 % more space for delivery of promotions and brand information.
· Can be applied with standard labelling equipment.

Window Label

The Window Label is a unique patent protected "Wrap Around" label with promotional features. Window Label is suitable for Single Serve and Family Size and may have more than one sticker, tokens, scratch pads or collectable game pieces.

· Window Label can be applied with standard roll-fed labellers
· Same efficiency as per standard label.
· No change over parts necessary in most cases
· Awarded with the World Packaging Award
· Marketing tool to maximise impact to the consumer

Stripe label

Stripe Label is a cost-effective label with same function as a 2ply label.

· Label consist of a monolayer - costsaving
· Printed reverse - protection of print
· Unique coding or scratch pads can be integrated


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